by Push/Button/Press

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released June 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Push Button Press Tampa, Florida

Tampa Bay Times.com: “...a catchy, moody blend of '80s synth-goth, a la She Wants Revenge. Listening to them, you'll swear you were back in high school, listening to The Cure, Cocteau Twins and Echo and the Bunnymen."

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Track Name: Erase
Falling over barstools gather my thoughts again
Pretending to check my messages will this shit never end
I'm piecing together memories I'm stitching together lies
Like tired reruns like loveless eyes
But have you ever seen the faces of your long lost friends
In places you know where they don't go?
But their never gone for long because it's always my fault
I just want to forget them again
Erase the last one with a drink that drank me dry
Erase the last one it's the last I'll have before I die
You can take a pain killer but you will never kill the pain
of the memories you carry like weights for all these years
Thought that I'd find shelter I thought that I'd have time
but I guess I'm wrong, time never takes sides.
But have you ever heard the voices of your long lost friends
In places you know where they don't go?
But now it's too far torn and my stories nearly done
let's go so I can forget them again.
Erase the last with a drink that drank me dry
Erase the last one it's the last I'll have before I die
Erase the last one It's the hardest thing that I can say
Erase the last one I know I'll never change.
Track Name: Foretold
Here to waste the passing hours
In a haze but separate from myself
To dream of what is still undone
Dream of what is yet to come
Then close my eyes to what I embrace
How can I find what shines despite
an emptiness that seems alive?
Here to take the silence downward
In the wake of whats eternally denied
The thoughts that smolder as long as numbers
Thoughts that betray us ever onward
Like the one eyed leading the blind
How can I still deny when I cannot make myself shine?
How can I find the way to control
When each moment decides the pain inside?
Track Name: Among the separate
is this what it means to betray love?
believing until the ends of the earth
destroying moments built upon each other
then leaving the rest to burn
you make your way without motion
you make your way any way
never taken further within my
dull conspiracy
among the separate I take the blame
I know I'll never be the same again
too many days I wander
too many days I crawl
beneath the savages throughout this
god forsaken world
dry voices break into shouting
a fortune we can never own
but for the rest of my life I'll wonder
what happened to that girl
among the separate I take the blame
I know I'll never be the same again
Track Name: Before the fall
Lost in days thoughts quiet now in another's time I'm told
Awake but search in vain for something real that I can hold
These things we say have never gone away
We're just better off that way before the fall
And if I ever find a way to relive this time again
You can never change a thing before the fall
A gallows sway for mortals be
like the pendulums that count our days
A thousand stars surrounding the moment before the fall.
Track Name: Shut it off
The days wash over silently I know the quiet well
It's sound is that of a memory kept hidden from this world
drained of all our differences we stare at each others wall
the din whose haze is suffering the disintegration of this world
I want to change it all back to the way it was before
I found it all so temporal I found you all again
the strangest story ever told and its end my only friend
if you ask me to relate I'll ask you who you are
an answer far too serious for a smile such as yours
I want to change it all back to the way it was before
Track Name: Never the same
No light shines from these eyes
To illuminate the tragedies and crimes
It's thoughtless so I'm told
Not so very long ago
But it's never the same
No fortunes left for those who waste
To taste the bitter fruit of our fate
So why stand so patiently
To lose your humanity
When it's never the same
Tears of sadness for you
With honest eyes I look to you
But when you turn away
I feel my heart give way
But it's never the same
Track Name: Aquamarine
The mask that lies behind
revealing a snide smile
Like the pageantry I discarded before
I awakened a static mind
Scorns thats left and waylaid thoughts
Now abandoned by design
Then crept back through the holes still torn
By emotions tempered brides
I never woke to the road ahead its destinations blind
Forever virtue come to bliss upon our fragile kind
But wheres the foresight
It's radiating in your eyes
When all I see is aquamarine
My heart still holds this empty place
It's hollow from time to time
But never the ruin it's meant to be
Pray come my true undine
Track Name: Scattered
Chase the thoughts that scatter you
From places drained away from you
The waking children blind to where
Scorching thoughts reside
Chase the thoughts that scatter you
From the dregs that eat away at you
The path that will remain is the
Fortune of disdain
Passing days can rearrange from indolence to frantic bliss
Like the passing of the hours it's motions that we tire
Waste away then radiate in different times we separate
From the passing of the hours it's the motions that we tire
Chase the thoughts that scatter you
Like bolts that flow right through you
The masks of iron weighs
The weight of 10,000 days
Chase the thoughts that scatter you
Are faces blank in front of you?
The invisible to see we are the people you don't need
Track Name: Reason
she couldn't sleep after rain stopped falling on her
it's far too deep to let this all just go away
the wound that keeps her mind spinning around falling down
she's still awake but can't bring herself to call
who would ever believe that it all would hit a brick wall
who could ever conceive that his heart would be that stone
she wants to believe that an end can begin again
then cries deceit in a world of benign indifference
reason's end is the weight that burns deep
obvious but obscene
reason's end plays upon your uncertainty
it's never us, always them